Am I wrong for wanting my boyfriend to visit my country?

I met my boyfriend over 1 year ago while working abroad, after 6 months we went together to his country so I could meet his family. I ended up staying there for 5 months and now I can't go back for 3 months due to visa issues. For this time, I asked if he would be willing to visit my home country with me, and he bluntly said no. I found very good ticket deals for us and we have where to stay, but he still says he doesn't want to go and when I ask why he has no real argument. He has never met my family and I was really looking forward to that. Am I overreacting for feeling like he's either not as commited as me or that there's something wrong with our relationship because of this?


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  • Maybe he wants to go somewhere else


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  • maybe he's just not ready to meet your family. It's not the right time for him to meet yet

    • After one year, living together for 8 months and me being close to his family? I think it's about time.

    • yeah maybe it's about time. He might have the fear and not ready of not being able to take care/responsible of you because 1 year is still not a long time

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