Should I go for it?

Okay so here goes..
There's this guy i know. He is my friends brothers friend. I've only known him for a few weeks around 3 maybe? Anyways, I've only gone out with him once and with his friends. They were really nice and friendly and same goes about him. He really took care of me and stuff.
Anyway, my friend told me that guys like him just date girls, use them then leave them. I don't know whether to believe him or not. He has a friend who went to the same school as the guy so the friend told him that. Should I just continue talking to him or should I stop? I mean I don't know what to do.. I actually really like this guy.
Thank you so much
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I just went out with him again today. My mom and sis were there too. I asked my mom what does she think about him and she said he is really nice and she would like for us all to go out again some other time. Hmm
I'm actually just really worried that what my friend said is true but looking at how he is with me, he isn't that type of guy at all.
He is incredibly shy around me and doesbt allow me to pay for anything even for my sis!
I'll just give it some time. Thanks everyone


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  • I think there is no harm in continuing to talk to him.
    If he starts pressuring you into things you can always backpedal.
    Give him a chance yea.


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  • If you really like him, then give it a shot.


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  • You need to determine whether you want to date him, not your friends. Talk to him and let the situation develop and reach it's conclusion.


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