What is worse, not getting any bites or getting attacked by toxic fish?

What is worse in your opinion? Let's say some guy that is not very good looking or exciting or prestigious that can't get any date vs an OK looking girl that only gets harassed by perverts (online and irl) but can't find a desirable guy. Morally etc, both are decent people. Both don't get what they want, but which is worse to be?
  • Being unwanted by everyone is worse
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  • Being harassed constantly is worse
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  • Getting harassed constantly by perverts.

  • I'm a loner so I'm ok with no one wanting me. Being constantly harassed by everyone all the time has got to be the worst for me.

    • Well if it was sexual harassment, technically plenty would "want" you.

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    • Yeah, but it's technically correct. It's just semantics because you said 'no one wanting me'. You meant for a relationship.

    • If I had to pick which one I could deal with, I could deal with no one wanting me and leaving me alone. I do not like to deal with someone constantly harassing me. I guess I should have worded that better, my apologies.

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