Me and my girlfriend keep fighting?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for like 3 months and we've already started fighting, all of the fights are started by her being selfish and just wanting me to just agree with everything that she does and wants to do, like she drinks all the time and I'm not really about that, she doesn't have a job so I literally spend all my money on her, it's like I love her but she's just expecting way to much from me, it's almost like not matter what I do it's not good enough for her. Another point to note is that we're literaly been with each other everyday at some point for the past 3 months too, not spending anytime away from eachother, could that be why we're fighting all the time now? I just want some opinions from people thanks


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  • Breathers from each other are nice, so maybe you should do that and see if it helps. I would limit your spending on her too, she needs to work for her own money instead of using all of yours. If nothing changes it may be best to move on.

    • How would I go about a "breather" tho because I feel like she would be offended if I mentioned something like this to her

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    • Yeah, that could work. My boyfriend and I have a similar arrangement, we stay together during the week and spend our weekends apart.

    • The amount of time together and away from each other should really be discussed so you both are comfortable with the arrangement.

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  • Careful bro, don't catch a charge, you can be charged for domestic violence just from yelling at each other. Pack your shit and run, lots of ho's out there man.


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  • Dude you don't love her and she is using you. If she cared about you she would try to understand and listen when you voice your concerns.

    It sounds like she is just at a low point with the drinking, no job and is using you as a convenience to enable her. She should not have access to any of your money at 3 months of dating.


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