Does he want MORE! from our friend with benefits relationship? Is he just scared?

mentally bothered by this... Is this
I've known this guy since jr high and he's been in contact with me throughout the years. We'd go months or even a year without talking, then he'd message me again. Anyway, we did hook up a few times also. We've been hanging out the most we ever have this year, and going out sometimes and hooking up. Anyway, I have him an ultimatum and said I be his girl or we just be friends. He said he would take me out, which we did, and we hooked up again... So I just thought I guess that blows it. Anyway, we still talk, but I feel I initiate "facetimeing or video chatting" more often than he does. When we video chatted he told me how sexy I was, I was just wondering if he would just be saying that just to say it? Also, I ended up telling him how I've grown attached to him and he responded with "him as well that's why he's still in contact with me " the thing here is, why doesn't he SHOW! me more? What is it? He says all of these wonderful things but won't call me much, when he does call it's only a couple of minutes or 3 mins. He says I'm the only person he talks to when he has the free time. I mean, he can't be but so busy? He's asked me to be his girl through text once (I didn't find that to be legitimate) and I said arrant I already and then told him we should just be friends, this happened months ago though. Anyway, what does it seem like he wants? Why say those things to me? He also told me after I expressed my feelings the other night that he's happy when he's with me even when we argue and that he wants to settle down... I don't know if he's serious


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  • I think he's playing you. If you're giving him all the benefits of a relationship without him needing to make a commitment, then why would he?

    I also think that his sporadic displays of affection point to that. He's giving you just enough to keep stringing you along.

    Finally, his compliment to you that you mention above is about your body and sex. Are all of his compliments? A man who only compliments your body and not the rest of you only cares about getting that body into bed.

    • So u think he's lying when he says I look sexy?

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    • only wanting sex*

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • No it doesn't seem like it.

  • Have you tried asking him?

  • He doesn't show you more because he doesn't need to, all he has to do is spin you a few lines and he knows he can have sex with you. He's getting all of the perks of a relationship with you without having to commit, so where's the incentive to commit?


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