Do u think this is safe?

I've had an online boyfriend for a year now and we have spoken every single day since we met. We are gonna meet soon and I said he can stay at my place. He said it's okay if we just spend the day and then he flies back to his country the first time we meet but I said that it's okay and he can spent the night at my place. He has little sisters, female friends and is close with his mom. He seems really safe. How safe would you say this is? Also we both live in small relatively peaceful countries. People take random people home for a one night stand so why would this be any riskier?


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  • I would not trust this at all have you seen him live on a video link. Only ever meet in daylight at a very public place take a friend. Please be safe.
    Your right to ask these questions here.
    Good luck.

    • I will take my sister with when I pick him up from the airport and first have dinner on a public place. However he wants to Skype with the video and I am the shy one about that so I don't think he'd want that if he wasn't who he says he is. We are fb friends and I have seen pics of his sisters, mom and female friends. Besides it would be nuts to talk to a girl for a year just so you can hurt her. And I want this question answered: why is this any riskier than one night stands? :)

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    • He's send me a snapchat video and all. Plus if it was a different guy at airport I wouldn't take him anywhere with me so I don't see the problem.

    • Ok then that's fine you've got it all covered

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  • Have you ever talked to him through video or anything? I would just be slightly cautious just in case. But then again I'm jumpy when it comes to people online.

    • I have talked through phone. We are fb friends and follow each other in ig. Also he's send me pics in snapchat so I know he's who he says he is :)

    • Okay! Well then I say if you feel comfortable with it then go for it :)

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  • It's your place so I'm sure ull have the upperhand
    Plus u have been dating the guy for a year so u can trust him enough


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  • I personally wouldn't ever meet up with someone I've met online but to each their own. Just be very very careful. I'm not sure if it was the best idea to allow him to stay at your place if you're both on your own, but just be careful.

  • This is risky. Even if you can see that his face matches what he says, there is still a lot that you don't know until you've met in person or that can be concealed. I know a year is a while, but I would still advise caution. Meet in a public area and get comfortable before taking him near your home. Don't invite him to spend the night on your first in-person date. This is just me though. Always better safe than sorry when it comes to your actual physical safety.


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