What to do during a date in the case of an inexperienced guy?

Hey there, I've managed to take a girl number that I'm interested for the first time in my past 24 years. I was scared as hell when I asked for her number since I never took a girl's number before.

Then, I am planning on asking her out via text. However, I'm hesitating because I'm trying to think what are the possible scenarios that I could do during a date. As having no experience at all I don't know where to date her, nor I do know what to do during a date.

Hoping that you can guide me through the process.

Thank you


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  • It would not hurt you are just texting her

    • Even during text, the nerves are always killing me lol.

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    • Talk pretend that you're talking to a friend and you will feel better. Don't over thinking you will do fine.

    • Indeed, I do overthink a lot for things that are not of much importance. I'll try my best, thank you for your support.

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