How much time does a girl is willing to wait before being asked out?

Hey, I've took a girl's number that I'm interested but we did not manage to talk much.

Back to my question, how much is willing a girl to wait before being asked out?
I would like to know what is the maximum time that I can have before either asking her out or move on.

Thank you for helping me out.


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  • A week maximum

    • Thank you for your answer.

      Since I've took her number on Wednesday, I guess that I have till Wednesday to ask her out.

      One more question if you don't mind. Assume that I ask her out within one week, and she says that she has something else to do (assuming that also it is not an excuse to reject me) should I invite her back within one week?

      Hoping that you'll kindly answer my question.

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    • Movie is the worst? Who tells you this crap lol... But that's cool just do something that both of you would enjoy doing. Monday is good ;) good luck!

    • Lol a crappy person I guess. I do not know her much so I don't know what she will really enjoy do.
      The only common thing that we have is the master program that we are taking, and so we've talked a little during class sessions. That's all lol.

      Thank you for your help.

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