How can I be less nervous around my girlfriend?

How do I become less nervous and more talkitive around her?
I always mumble, and have a blank mind when trying to figure out what to talk about.
She lives in a different country.


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  • Usually when people are nervous around someone they are attracted to , its because they are focusing on how the other person is perceiving them. They become tongue- tied when they talk , or their mind goes blank and they can't think of what to say next.

    Try to focus your attention on what she is saying , because that can open the way for you to pick up on things she mentions , this can lead you to carry on the convo.

    If your mind suddenly goes blank, ask her an
    open-ended question, that way you can calm your nerves by listening/ concentrating on her answer. Then you can add your thoughts feelings to the conversation. Eventually you will become less nervous and the convo will flow... making it feel less awkward for you😊


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