I get to kiss a guy in a play, but he has a girfriend?

Hi! I'm in my school's play and the part requires me to kiss a guy many times. The thing is, I've actually started developing a crush on the guy. Getting to kiss him has become a joy. But...he has girlfriend. No one else knows that I have a crush on the actor, and his girlfriend is fine with the "stage kiss"...but I can't help the emotions.


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  • It's good you haven't told anybody because you have to keep it to yourself. Your life can become an instant mess if you don't keep your mouth closed (writing it is also dangerous). Now, if you like a lot of drama, go blurt out your feelings. But sometimes it's just easier to try to forget it.

    • Thanks! I'm really glad I haven't told anyone yet (no one that really knows anyways)

    • That's good. I'm sure it's easier that way.

  • well if he had a girlfriend then I'm sorry but your gonna have to swallow your feelings when your kissing and I know that is harder done then said you could always ask if someone else take your place if you really can't do it. Good luck xxx

    • Thanks! And it is harder said than done, but it was really nice to hear someone tell me. Again, thank you!