Does the way a person dresses affect your attraction to them?

I'd say it definitely does for me. men in really loose/baggy clothing is probably the biggest turn off, when it comes to clothing. it just makes him look sloppy. dirty clothing as well. holes don't bother me though, somehow they seem to add character sometimes. for me, fitted pants make a guy sexy. and properly fitted suits.
  • yes, it has an effect. mention below what you like and dislike
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  • nope. no effect whatsoever.
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  • i don't mind loose clothing... but i hate it when people's pants are falling off :(
    i think what i like most is when guys look comfortable. like sweatshirts and stuff. suits are -always- nice :]

    • yea! I see way too many guys... butt cracks (I couldn't think of a nicer way to put it) getting off the bus because they feel the need to wear their pants hanging off their asses. ugh!

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  • Yes it does. I love a man that can be versatile. I like when he can look dapper in a suit yet sexy in just a pair of jeans and a tshirt. Oh and let's not forget the backwards hat ๐Ÿ˜.

  • Like if he always wears a sweatshirt that's a little of a turn off because I want to see him hot in what he's undershirt is. Or a guy always looks nice I feel more attracted to him because he's paying more attention on his looks. It's hard to explain.

  • I like a sharply dressed man. If he's someone who knows how to dress for whatever the occasion, can actually coordinate/match colors, and has his own sense of style; then I'm much more attracted to him.

    I don't like for a man to be flashy with lots of jewelry, and I especially dislike chains and necklaces. Piercings anywhere besides the lips or eyebrows also turn me off.

    I love tattoos, but I dislike generic ones. They're super hot if they have special meaning or are very artistically done. It's stuff everyone has that makes me question his choices.

    Hair matters too. He's got to take care of it. I don't care if it's the most stylish cut, but it should be maintained.

    Nails need to be clean and short, but maybe that's just hygiene.

    Guess I'm actually super picky about how he keeps himself up.

  • I'm laid back and don't like flashy things or flashy people. I mean you can have a nice car or whatever but not an Astin Martin. I don't like men who wear expensive watches, dress clothes everyday and what not.

    In my town cargo shorts and flip flops even to work isn't unusual. Even lawyers don't dress up too much unless they have to go to court that day. Most of the high end restaurants will accept you in shorts and flip flops so there just isn't any need for all that dressed up everyday thing and I tend to not like the personalities and value systems of people that dress this way.

  • Absolutely!


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