Boyfriend hasn't told family about me?

I just recently officially started dating this guy I met in August. We started dating officially in October as boyfriend and girlfriend. I recently found out that he hasn't even told his parents that he has a girlfriend. should i be worried about it? I have met two of his friends. But my question is why hasn't he told them? He has mentioned that his dad is kind of racist. I'm Latina and he's white. I am worried that he'll never want to introduce me to his family.😞


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  • Maybe he is embarrassed of his family and how they act. Still not an excuse so I would simply ask him. If you are boyfriend and girlfriend... then now is the time to start asking difficult questions. Only way to grow as a couple.


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  • ... you've only been dating for a month or two though?
    Some people just take more time to tell their family. I don't think I told any family members about my boyfriend until we'd been together for 2-3 months. That had nothing to do with the fact that he's Asian, they're just a bit weird about dating in general so I simply wanted to avoid any potential conflicts.


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  • I don't tell family until I've been with a girl for a year. Chill out.


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