Would your parents freak out if you dated an 18 year old?

I mean, would they look at you differently? Would you care?(Be honest)

I'm talking to a guy who is 24. He told his family that I'm 20, but I'm really 18.
I'm thinking about telling him just so his parents don't look at him differently or judge him to lie and say that I lied about being 20, even though I never did. Is that a bad idea? And would your parents freak out if your s/o was barely legal.


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  • I'm pretty sure mom wouldn't freak out, but I myself wouldn't consider dating someone THAT young. I'm friggin' 29! :P


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  • That is a bad idea. Make him take credit for his own lies. His family is likely to forgive him. They're less likely to forgive a girl they've just met and may judge you harshly.


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  • My parents would side-eye pretty hard even if I brought home a 20 year old. Honestly if he feels he has to lie there's already something he feels guilty about and that's really not a good sign.

    • Lol I know it isn't a good sign. I was being dramatic when he told me that he lied. I cried because of what I thought it meant.
      Should I tell him to lie again to cover his shame?

    • You got upset because he lied so now you want him to lie...

      Are you sure you're ready for a relationship?

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