Ladies, would this work on first approached?

Ok so let's say I'm at the mall, I see a girl that I'm interested in. I approach, start talking, I ask what her name is. But I won't give out mine. Even if she asks, I'll just say "just a guy"

In all honesty, would kind of make her want to get to know me more? What works in being mysterious. Lol I'm no good with women as you see.

I can see based on comments here that it's a bad idea. Ok I get it, I'll tell my name.


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  • Not telling her your name would probably send out a serious creeper vibe...


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  • That's lame/creepy


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  • My first impression is: "What jerk!!" or "Weirdo!!". Or worst, I'd probably inform the police.
    Seriously, don't ever pull that stunt.

    • Valid point Don't want cops!!!

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