I met a guy from a dating site a little over a year ago. I can't stop thinking about him. Should I contact him?

We met on okcupid a little over a year ago. Ended up going on four dates. He was so nice, super smart, really funny. Just a sweetheart. Seemed to really like me. He was my second date ever, and my first kiss ever, and I was young and inexperienced, and I didn't know what I wanted or what to expect... so I got scared and ended it. Asked him if wanted to be friends, and he said sure, but I stopped hearing from him, which is fair enough.
But for the past few months I've been thinking about him a lot. I was back on okcupid a couple months ago, and he's still active on the site, so it seems like he's probably still single.
Like I said, we only went on four dates, and I don't have his number anymore or anything. If I was to contact him, I'd have to find him on Facebook and do it through there.
Would that be really weird and creepy? Should I just write him off as "the one that got away", and move on? I don't even know what I'd say if I contacted him. Just start with hi and a "how are things", I guess.


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  • You only live once sister, so rather than posing this question on here, instead you should be penning a letter to this fellow

    I am certain he would love to hear from you :)


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  • I think you should hit him up from where you originally met him.

    Reintroduce yourself.

    Say you hope things have been great for him.

    Say you hope he had a great holiday

    ask him if he wants to give things another shot because you did find him interesting


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  • My odds are 1% it would work. 99% it won't and you will be depressed.
    but you know what. 1% chances are incredible good. don't believe me?

    "If you go back 10 generations (250 years) the chance of you being born at all is at most 1 divided by 6 x 10^100. Are you ever lucky to be alive!!"

    go girl. take your chance. don't be afraid of rejection. write him right now!

  • Honestly if you contact him wanting to go on more dates he might just think you're trying to play mind games with him since you broke things off.

    • Not even necessarily that I want to go on more dates. Just get to know him better and see if there's actually anything between us.
      But yeah, that's also a concern.

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  • You should contact him if you wish! And see where things go! It can't hurt and there doesn't seem to be any hard feelings or a bad past (:

  • Why can't you contact him on okcupid again?

    • I'm not on there anymore

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    • Nah, I could get back on there pretty easily. I was always kind of embarrassed about being on there in the first place though... would it really be less weird?

    • Yes. I think so. Get on, connect with him and get off again. It comes across as far less random than to hit him up on FB. Do that after the reconnect.