Boyfriend and I broke up?

Me and we'll now ex boyfriend because we broke up yesterday, he broke up with me that's a long story but yesterday he asked me when can he pick up his sweats pants I told him where they were and everything. So yesterday he never picked them and he text me and ask me can he pick them up tomorrow instead I told him he can. Now today while I was at work I told him where they were and he never got them. Put there is the Conversation right here
Boyfriend and I broke up?

Boyfriend and I broke up?

and I understand why he hasn't pick them up some people saying because he wants to see me but I don't know just need advice why he could be relying picking them up

I need advice please
and the thing is he didn't give a time when he is suppose to get them today


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  • He might just be busy or something.

    • He's not trust me, I know him every well, but the fact that he keeps putting it off makes me wonder.

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    • So you are saying he's not interested in coming to get his stuff even though he was the one that wanted to come and get them. I forgot I even had it until he asked for them.

    • Maybe he just felt like it's something you "just do" when you break up. Like break up etiquette, picking up your stuff. Without actually wanting to do it. Or maybe he thought that you wanted to get rid of it.

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