GUYS any ideas why he does this?

there is a guy who i tend to take transit to and from school at times. he tends to be very quiet around me&conversations depend on me to do most of the talking or they turn quiet and awkward. there are the rare times when he becomes talkative. also sometimes he tends to avoid me like going out of his way to not talk to me and its obvious, then other times he comes to me on his own and smiles/says hi/ and or sits with me. well i saw him after the summer break back in September as we were waiting for our ride at the station. he was with a friend and he turned around&said hi, i went to them and he was so talkative&introduced his friend. the next time they were ahead of me&the quiet guys friend pointed out i was behind them as he turned to leave and then they both said hi. after that they avoided me a couple times like didn't say hi. and even when the quiet guy was byhimself. then another occasion they were on my bus & as i came out the friend said hi to me - we were talking& walking when he said the quiet guy was here to, he was behind me with friends&suddenly all the friends kind of drifted away &left me & him - but he was talkative this time. the next time i saw him he avoided me. at this point i got annoyed and decided not to avoid him as well, so i did. until recently i saw him on the train, i was on the other side,&was surprised to see him when i looked up with a group of friends on the otherside, it seemed like he was trying to get my attention & said hi - we both are 20 - why does he do this?


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  • maybe he really likes you and doesn't know how to articulate his feelings for you


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