I feel bitter and stuck?

im 23 and my dream of becoming a model is out if my fuckin reach, I tried everything and anything, except visiting the agencies because if they rejected my pics... well... I live in a dead end town where not too many important people live in so not many oppurtunies, im depressed and angry all the time, I have the look, the face and I don't know what to do...


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  • Okay... there are options.

    You need to get really creative. This is all about sales, marketing, and networking. You need to create your own fame. You need to develop the skills to get yourself what you want.

    Read Dan Kennedy's books on sales and marketing (actually, read his entire No BS series of books). Try to apply the lessons to your position, be really creative. If you really have the looks, then this should help.


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  • Go out into the world and chase down your dream, don't sit around in a town with no opportunity, hoping someone gives you your dream. You have to do the work, not complain about how annoying it is not to have what you want.

    • yea but how do I do that! I can't just leave to some big city and hope I will get in, I have fam over here and I don't know what I should do, I feel out of control

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    • I think its naive to think, im just going to 'get' in. even if I do move there are only 3 agencies in that city and I got rejected through all of them. I fel really powerless, I signed up for a modeling competition. in 3 months, hopefully I will get noticed or else im calling it quits soon I will be 24 and im not getting younger,

    • People working tirelessly for years, before even getting one opportunity to show they have what it takes. So preserve, or quit, but don't expect anything to happen quickly or without tremendous effort.

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