Its said that being bitter and jaded toward women won't help a guy's dating woes. Well despite not being that way it hasn't?

Helped me whatsoever. I'm a pretty confident guy. I like my life and I feel hopeful for my future. I take care of myself and I never have generalized women or hated them. I'm very sociable and friendly but that still hasn't prodced one date. I hear the "hang in there, it will happen one day you just got to keep trying" all the time, it sounds like a broken record.


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  • You have to make it happen. Being bitter or resenting will definitely effect how a woman perceives a man. There out there, and there is somebody but the guy needs to act because for some it's not just a matter of chance or time ( given an age bracket ).

    My suggestion would be to find a dating coach, go to seminars on how to approach women, go to community singles events, and put the word out to everyone you know you're looking. Personally I'm not a fan of online dating and match ups, but that being said I do know a few couples who are now married or in long term relationships from meeting someone online.

    You gotta make it happen if you want it. 😉 good luck! :)


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  • It's all looks and social skills.

    You could be bitter and hate women but if you're attractive and have social skills you'll still have success.


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  • You gotta flirt man. Learn how to tease women but all the while control yourself. Women love a guy with self control.

    • Trust me I do. I think its because I'm just not attractive.

    • Confidence is important. You need to know and feel like you are the best most interesting guy alive, and show it to these girls. That doesn't mean being loud and obvious, but letting them know you're someone diffeent

    • Yes confidence helps, but you have to have some looks too.

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