Would you care if your BF's email has his ex bday and all of his passwords were her, and he has a shit load of old pics of her in his parents house?

He changed his email after I told him to change it. He changed it to his name and car year, made me feel a little bad because if he had all these things about him and his ex and with us nothing, I mean he shows love to me, but I'm sure those little details he did before somehow made someone special and because he did that in the past makes u think how Come he never did it with me now.. I'm upset at the thought behind it not the email itself. Whah shall I do


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What Guys Said 1

  • His ed must put it on him real good. You might want tomato your game up

    • Well. Thanks

    • I destroyed my last message... damn auto-correct. Any ways she must put it on him real good too have his passwords and her photos every we're. The real question is did she dump him. If she did I guarantee he still loves her

    • I know I still love my ed from 8 tears ago, ever since I have not had a functional relationship. Now I am a man whore and just hit it and quit it. So Ya good luck

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, I'd be furious.


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