Dating Issues... Need Advice?

Okay so I started dating this guy a while ago and he was just amazing. The guy every girl dreamed about. He treated me so well and my parents loved him, but my 4 best friends hated him. They would always talk bad about him in front of me and would always make comments about me dating him. I really did love him but I couldn't take they hate so I... broke up with him. I deeply regret it.

Now, he is planning on asking a girl to a dance we are having and he asked me if I was okay with it and if it would hurt me if he asked her but I said no even though I wanted to say yes. I guess I am just afraid he hates me for breaking up with him. I do really want him back though...

Any advice?


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  • Yeah, don't let your friends dictate who you date. He was good to you, and you let peer pressure ruin it. They were probably jealous. Prioritize your happiness over their petty jealousy. If they couldn't be happy for you in a good relationship, they aren't good friends. I'd try to explain your mistake to the guy, and hope for another chance.


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