Is a 17 year old too young for a 23 year old?

In your opinion do you think its morally wrong?

Should I just stick with the 3 year age rule?

The age of consent here is 16, so it is not illegal for us to hangout or pursue a relationship.. What are your thoughts? I'm curious.


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  • If I were in your shoes I'd probably be curious as to why a 23-year-old was interested in a high schooler. But I think whether or not the age gap is morally wrong depends entirely on context, like on how you guys met, what he's doing with his life, his personality, how he treats you, etc.

    If you like him then I personally don't see any harm in taking things slow and getting to know him better, and then potentially dating. I do think you should have some wariness about his intentions, though- until you get a good feel for who he is.

    • I understand but I graduated high school recently. And you have a very good point!

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  • Yes. I personally wouldn't date such a young person.


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