You fart in your office then see managers heading towards you?

So you are in your office and don't normally get disturbed so can get away with farting with the smell dissapating within minutes, but in this occasion you fart and its a big one, you see your manager, the CEO and some of the directors heading towards your office and you see your manager point and the others look. They are heading to your office, what would you do?
  • Close the door and lock it, pretend you are busy
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  • Quickly run out of the office and pretend not to see them comming
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  • Stand your ground and pretend you don't smell anything, and don't mention it, even if they ask
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  • Tell them it smells in you office as you farted
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  • Only mention something if someone says something or looks around in disgust
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  • Other
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  • I would get up and walk out pretending I didn't see them and say I was just grabbing my lunch from the fridge and ask if anyone wants anything. They all say no because they obviously want to talk about something asap with all those people and will likely ask politely if getting my lunch can wait and I'll say sure and then bring them all into my office.

    I'll go sit in my chair and then make a screwed up face and say "Jesus! Who let one go? Gawd!" To avoid the blame being placed on me.


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