How can I stop letting him get to me?

I'm so frustrated to the point where I'm crying and about to snap.
My parents are away and I absolutely hate my brother.
he's so disgustingly messy, they've only been gone a week and the house is filth and shit is everywhere. It smells so bad. I can't even describe how disgusting it is here.
Not only that but he blares music at all hours of the day and night despite the fact that I have to study and sleep for work, he constantly annoys me on purpose and calls me mean names.
I can't stop crying because I'm already stressed out and I can't even relax at my own home. I don't know what to do 😔
Sorry wrong category, obviously haha


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  • Find another place to go then. You can't control other people's behaviour, you can only determine your own actions. If you don't like your environment, then change it.


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