Would you rather date someone thats cute, handsome/pretty, or hot?

Assuming you have 3 guys/girls that are the same in everyway except looks and you like the way they act, which one would you choose? The hot one, the cute one, or the handsome/pretty one? Please also include your definition of the word in your answer so we can understand what you mean by it (so if you prefer hot guys, what do you mean by "hot"? etc)
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  • I prefer handsome (or pretty)
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  • Handsome is classy, cute makes me think of middle school so pass. Hot is fun to look at but doesn't make me think of the future.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would date anyone who's kind enough to give me a chance to prove my worth. Doesn't matter too much, how she looks.

    • But what if you have 3 girls who all want to give you a chance to prove your worth? 1 is hot, 1 is pretty, and 1 is cute, you dont have at least a slight preference for one over the other?

    • In that case, I would go with the one whose wavelength matched with mine! If this was also similar, I'd choose the cute one. Pretty and hot girls kinda intimidate me!

      I do't think any woman would give me a chance, though. Beggars can't be choosers, right?

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  • No brainer... If all qualities are the same, I would go for the most physically appealing


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