Does he like me (freshman and senior)?

So I have been texting this senior from my small private school for about two weeks now. Because I'm a freshman, it felt like a huge accomplishment actually getting to know him. I have had a crush on this guy for about 3 years now, but more in the way that girls crush over celebrities- they want it to happen so bad, but they know it won't. But now it seems like this could possibly happen, sometimes we text for hours, and he knows a lot of stuff about me, and treats me like a human being (something that a lot of guys don't do.) I'm not sure if he just thinks I'm pretty, or if he actually likes me but
- on a list of 5 girls he would make out with in the school I was on it (though my school is only about 150 people in the high school so he didn't have many to choose from)
- he asked me for my number initially
- he has called me pretty many times
- he may have indirectly said I have a good butt? it was pretty indirect though
- he tweeted about me 2 times (he doesn't usually tweet about people, none the less a freshman)
- he told me that one day I would find the perfect guy, who treats me the way I should be treated (I hope he was hinting at himself)

So it's pretty great like I know some people are against the idea of a freshman and a senior dating, and I totally get that but does anyone think I may have a chance? I know that there are other factors such as my appearance and stuff so if you want a picture of me check my pro pic.

any opinions or tips would be gladly appreciated, and I'm at a total loss when it comes to this guy:)
thank you so much
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  • First of all you're beautiful though you look angry 😂 LOL 😁
    The hints and signals given by him are not at all clear but one thing's clear that he likes you and I can't exactly say as a friend or more...


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