Just what job is too weird for your boy/girlfriend to date them?


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  • For me, not that it's "too weird", but I'd have to say porn star. This would be a deal-breaker because I do not and will not share my man.

    As for weird, off the top of my head, I'd probably have to say anything that involves him working with dead people/corpses (i. e. a mortician, the people who clean up the bodies or body parts at accident sites/crime scenes, etc.)

    • (Chuckle) That's too bad because I'm a medical examiner. Speaking of when was your last check up

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    • Oh, my goodness!! That poor man had it rough... but yes, fortunately (I guess) he was already dead.

    • Yeah well i m going to let sleep thanks for hearing this tale I wish you a goodnight

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  • 1. Manure spreader for farms.
    2. Professional Dominatrix or slave.
    3. Porn star.
    4. Prostate massager.
    Things that are weird girlfrends do should be next.

    • Three and two I can agree with and on four animal or human? 1 though not that odd have you seen dirty jobs way wierder

    • Human for 4

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  • I don't know if there is too weird a job...

    • Let me rephrase, what job would put you off emotionally and physically?

    • Again, i dont think there is one.

    • Okay good for you

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