I have a hot neighbour!!! How do I get to know him further more?

I have this super hot neighbor. Spotted him a while back but didn't pay it much attention figured he wouldn't notice me anyways.

We've crossed path a few times (elevator, parking lot and laundry room)

In the laundry room, he attempted to talk to me but instead of responding, I just grunted back at him and left quickly which made me feel so stupid after the fact.

Anyways, a few days ago, we met again in the laundry room and again, he initiated the conversation. While he had finished loading the washing machine, I was still finishing mine. He left and I followed a minute or so later. When I got to the elevator, he was waiting with his hand holding it open for me.

*swoon* didn't expect that at all.

I don't even know his name or anything else... but I do know which floor he lives on... would it be creepy to leave a note on his car's windshield? Or should I just let things happen naturally?

What do you guys recommend?
Haha!!! Finally ran into my hot neighbour!!! I am so into him and I really feel like the feeling is mutual. So he usually goes in through a different door but instead today he ran towards me and caught the door that I had opened and then we rode the elevator and he initiated convo yet again! I so want to ask him out but am afraid of rejection. I am crossing my fingers and hope that he asks me out. *swoon*

Currently in lalaland!!! xxx


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  • Why don't you just come over for no apparent reason? Say hello for no apparent reason.

    You knock on his door and say... "hello, I'm FunTastyLady and I'm fun and tasty"

    -lol! ;p Or something to that extent

    • I would go as far as showing up on his door step. I would probably either wait to cross paths again or leave a note on his dash...

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    • Ahh come on!! Keep your chin up... there is no hopelessness here! Look at it this way... if you see her again... all the better... say something even if very small... if you don't walk into her anytime soon... it's alright too! Timing is a b*tch!

    • It's been years, seems like yesterday, but at least 6-7 years has past and that was at the old job I worked at that she worked at.

      I think she liked me and I just couldnt see it, I've vowed to never make that mistake again. The thing is, like I said, she worked there too, my God all the time I wasted.

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  • Honestly if he was hot... I would roll my eyes... hahah act like he wasting my time. Pretty boys think its easy to get girls... make him work for it!


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  • Maybe you could pretend that you need some help with something like a "Manly" task such as heavy lifting which you need his help with.

    • OHHH SPOT ON! good idea!

    • @apple24 Apple do you have any heavy furniture which you have trouble moving around?
      Would you like somebody, preferably a strong Lad to help you with that?

    • haha... Its a good idea... I am might try that lol!

  • Talk to him next time you see him and be direct in expressing your desire

  • Invite him over for video games?

  • Show him your tits

  • You don't. Trust me. Just move on


What Girls Said 2

  • actually talk to him the next time you see him

  • I think you should grunt twice next time


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