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I've started to have a crush on one of my friends ex boyfriends. They've dated for about 3 months but he ended it. Which was a bit awkward because we all working together. They barely talk but him and I do. Plus my friend started dating a new guy. Me and my friends also flirt a little as well. I don't know, I have a crush on him but I don't want to make a move on him because he's my friends ex. I don't want to make anything weird.


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  • I've never believed in that concept of "i dated them and so you shouldn't" i understand the premise though.. its just cowards who aren't fully over them and don't want to be put in the same awkward situation with someone they Used to/Still like... understandable.
    My issue with your question is that you say its a crush... dont ruin friendship over trying to date a crush... word on the street is that girls can tell a lot of stuff from making out with a guy...
    make out... find out... lets see.


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  • Typically exes of friends are off-limits, but it depends on a lot of factors. How good of a friend is she? Is she in a new relationship (yes). How serious was the relationship/how long did it last? Are there still residual feelings toward him?

    It's possible if she's not that good of a friend, or if their relationship wasn't that serious, that she's not going to care. The safest way is to ask her and find out.

    • Me and my friend have known each for two years since we work together. As far as us being close, we hang out but it's mostly in a group settings.

    • As far as the relationship my friend and her ex had, it wasn't that serious since they started dating a few weeks of meeting each other and ended things after three months. Plus she's already dating a new guy.

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