How do you like being approached? Why are Asian guys quiet?

I have a class with a Asian guy & I find him attractive but I don't know if he's into black girls. Plus it doesn't help if he's quite just like me! I don't want to be weird and just be like "Hey you like black girls?". That's kinda creepy. So how do guys like being approached?
** I should have wrote, how do I flirt with a quite boy. So ignore the "why are Asian guys quiet"


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  • Not all Asian guys are quiet. I'm 3/4 Asian (Filipino/Spanish) and 1/4 German and I'm loud as hell, not shy at all and really extroverted type of person

    • He's just quiet. I'm not trying to stereotype him. But im trying to get my flirt on & I don't know how to approach him.

    • Well in that case, you would have to initiate the contact and hope for the best. Most guys would love to be approach by a women

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  • As far as I know, guys like to be approached just the same as anyone does. Be clear and to the point, no beating around the bush.

    Also, not all Asian guys are quiet. My boyfriend is Asian and he was the ballsiest out of all the guys I've dated or been with before.


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  • I'm a quarter Asian and I'm not shy at all

    • I'm not saying he's shy, he's just quiet. I find that attractive yet it doesn't help me at all.

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