Is she interested on sex or not?

There is this girl that is always looking at me and when I look she looks down or to the side pretending she was not looking and smiles a lot. The other day I was looking at her and she stuck her tongue out at me and laughed. She always smiles and looks at Me up and down. Is she interested?
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  • She flirtatious, very likely down to fuck.
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  • Why on earth would a few glances and a humorous response mean she wants to have sex with you? Do you only interact with females for the purpose of screwing them? :/

    • Hey sweetheart, I ask a question that will give me an answer or a suggestion precisely because I don't to be an ignorant about it. If you know better than me, I would love if you help me with that. Obviously I'm even dumb asking the question, suggestions and perspectives like yours certainly help dumb men like me grow into better people.

    • The way you worded it, sounded rather insensitive. I suggest starting with a conversation with the intention of getting-to-know her with no intention of sex, to show respect.

    • Ok, but she's very quiet and reserved. So I don't know which way to approach her. Anyway, thanks for the insight. I now have an idea of how to act.

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