Is 24 too young to date a mother?

I still live with my parents but I can buy a house with mortgage, just haven't found the right house yet. Money might be tight for a few years. Seems like I get along with single mothers cause they're more responsible and can do the things I can't do. Is it a bad idea to date a mother?


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  • It's more a matter of whether or not you're ok with her children and that being an added cost, responsibility, and you now essentially being a father. It's very possible because many men are fathers at 24. If it's just because she's responsible I wouldn't suggest it, many women are responsible that have no kids. If you have trouble finding that in younger women maybe aim for slightly older women.


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  • You CAN do it. I would advocate against it since it's not worth the extra responsibility at this age. However, if you really like the girl and think that's something you'd like, go for it.


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