How long do girls will wait until you contact them?

Hey there, there's a girl in my class that I'm attracted which I took her number on Friday.

I've never dated in the past (in my 22 years) so I don't have any experience in this field.
The question is how long is she going to wait until I contact her?

I mean that is it reasonable to contact her Thursday, in order to ask her out?
Despite the fact that I'm gonna see her during the week since we have like 3 classes in common.

I'm probably overthinking stuffs, however I'd like to know if by then will she completely loose interest in me if it is existant or will she wait?

Your help will be much appreciated, thank you.


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  • Getting her number Friday and then waiting until the following Thursday is too long. Even from the perspective that most people make their weekend plans earlier than that, it's too long to wait.

    Ask her out sooner rather than later or she's going to think you're not interested. The three-day rule more or less applies here.

    If you contact her on Thursday to go out Friday or Saturday, she will think she's your last choice.

    • Thank you for your response.

      What about asking her out on Tuesday? is it still too much in your opinion?
      I need to think about a good place, and how to ask it properly.

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    • I wouldn't ask her out if you did not motivate me to do so, thank you for giving me such a motivation to act.

    • No worries, love.

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