I ignored a guy for a short time. How can I get this guy interested in me again?

So, I was tossing up betwen 2 guys. "John" was nice and had his head screwed on, but he just didn't turn me on as much as "Jim" did. I was texting both of them though. Jim was definitely more interesting. I was leaning towards Jim so I kind of cut John off for about a week.
I am finding that Jim is a bit of a lazy, low life loser with no prospects. I now realize I probably should have gone with John. I sent him a text asking how things have been. It took him 8 hours to respond, and he did so with minimal interest. How do I get things going with John again?
What should I say to him?


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  • Most likely John will not be interested in you since you kinda blew him off, so John knows that you went for the jerk guy and he is your second choice and no man wants to be a girl's second option. Frankly, I don't think John would like to be Jim's sloppy seconds, sorry just being honest. If I were you I call, Call not text, him and apologize to him and tell him that you would make it up to him if he gave you a second chance. You can only hope that he gives you a second chance after doing what you did to him. Just be prepared to get rejected. If I were him I would take it as you pretty much rejected me and would not want to ever consider you, I always reject women who have rejected me. Maybe he is different, but keep in mind that he is not obligated to give you a second chance and you may have to earn it


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  • There's nothing you can do. If a girl did that to me, she's done. No if's, and's or but's about it.

    Time to find another guy.

    • That's really mean.

    • Not really, i don't have time for that BS.

      But don't give up if you still want him that bad.

  • Move on is prolly for the best.


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