How to move on from my crush, if I see him 4 days a week and we also have a project together?

Ok so long story short, I fell for a guy in my group at med school , I thought we were getting along great (even went out to talk about our project, but ended up talking about completely different stuff instead lol) and then he got into a relationship (it's been a bit over a month). We still talk (he sometimes initiates contact, but not that often) and he is nice with me and all
I am the only one who actually offered some help because he doesn''t speak our language well (he's from an Arabic country and only knows Arabic and a bit of my language, no English)
I want to move on, since I'm not planning on messing their relationship up and he would never like me back anyway even if he was still single.
Problem is we also have this project together (he's being kinda lazy and using the excuse that he has to study for an exam (which I also do lol) because he's a foreign student so he doesn't speak my language very well, which annoys me because this teacher is very tough and we have the hardest subject to do a project on). And I see him everyday in classes.

I was thinking if he comments again to just tell him "If it bothers you so much, we'll just get this project over with and then you don't have to talk to me anymore" but I feel it's kind of rude.

How can I move on?
Or any other ideas, either to make him realise it bothers me or whatever.


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  • Think about all the annoying qualities he has


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