How to attract a guy, who already know I like him x_x?

Last year a friend of mine ( a guy ) told my crush I liked him ( jerk -_- ) .. I'm not friends with this crush.. We were never friend. It's kind of love at first sight --"

Anyway his friends at the time teased me and whenever I pass next to the the call his name x_x and that was literally embarrassing :( !! I was acting the whole time as I have no idea about what they're doing..
This year the guy ( my crush ) is constantly starring at me like the whole damn time ( but I can't look him in the eyes :( ) !!
I know he's only starring at me cause he already knows I like him :\\
Can you guys help me to get him to ask me out?
Last month he asked this friend of mine if we're dating O. o It kinda made my day :3
  • Should I keep ignoring him since he never contacts on social media
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  • Try to make eye contact with him ( how? seriously : need some help with this )
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  • Other stuff : write them please ^_^
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  • Eye contact is the best way to communicate. Eye contact should be done with purpose. While making eye contact tell him, through your eyes, that you want him to ask you out or whatever else you want to say.

    • hhhhhh I never talk to this guy :)) we only extchage glances every now and then.. and I was never able to hold his gase for over 0.01 sec :\

    • It's easy to give eye contact when you have a purpose. The purpose being to transmit the message.

    • hhhhhh ok.. but as I said : we never talk.. won't this be awkward.. Creepy :3 ?

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  • It seems that you gave the impression that it was a rumor to you too, and you're annoyed by it.
    So maybe he is just waiting for some confirmation from your side.
    Why not come clean? The damage has already been done.

    Maybe it turns out good for you ;)

  • You could start by talking to him and at least being friendly... from the sounds of it, you guys haven't even said a word to each other.

    • Beleive when I say I can't be friends with him :(( he's diffrent ! I'm good friends with everyone but him ! :(

    • If you can't be friends with him because he's so "different" then how do you plan on being in any kind of relationship with him?

  • no ignore. just approach him and be confident.

    • how ! O. o? we've never talked to each other before.. He knows that I know that he KNOW x_x and a lot of **it happened last year.. we both know everything about each other.. The situation is so awkward ! I can't just approach him O:) .. help? please?

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    • ok.. I'll try O:) it won't be that hard since I know all of his friends right !

    • yes! someone has to make a move.

What Girls Said 1

  • You're overreacting, because you probably lack experience. Calm down, try to be polite and friendly when he talks to you. Be his friend first. Get to know him. Realize he's just a human being, just like you. If he's staring at you, him knowing you like him, might have piqued his interest in you. Contacting via social media sucks, but you could try initiating a conversation, maybe even liking his posts or something.

    • We never ever talk.. I'm like friends with the whole students in school.. I'm friends with all of his friends ( guys and girls ) !

    • Then what are you waiting for? :D Try hanging out in a similar group of friends. Then you might have it a whole lot easier!

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