Would it be a good or bad idea to like him?

So I'm now a sophomore and I just recently started liking this guy again. I started liking him in 6th grade when I first saw him. Then in 7th grade we flirted and I made him blush. Then he told me he didn't like me. He acted like a jerk to me all year. He mocked me for wearing glasses. So I kept trying not to like him. So tried being friends with him, but that didn't work out very well. Then in 8th grade I kept trying being friends with him and kept trying not to like him. Then freshman year I liked this other guy and I didn't really care about this guy that have always liked. Like I totally stopped trying. So then the guy that I have always liked started to say hi to me more often. Helped me with my science homework. Came to me and talked to me about my artwork and asked me about it and I don't remember if he complimented it. We would talk sometimes, but not really. Also, when I talked about guys to my friends he would ask me who I like. So now sophomore year started liking him again half way through the year. Yes, he still says hi to me. Do you think he likes me now?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think he likes you,
    I'll copy a sentence from a song : "Only know you love her when you let her go",
    I think it happened between you guys.
    When you started talking to him less he understood that he likes you and doesn't want you to leave him and now he wants you back again.
    But in my opinion if he will be a jerk in the future leave him even if it's going to be hard.

    • Aww thanks. I will do just that. I really appreciate that you answered it was very helpful. I'm curious what made you think he actually did like me?

    • What made me think he likes you is because as you you made him blush so its already a start.
      Another thing is that he changed emotions (good to jerk and then good again).

What Girls Said 1

  • He's probably not interested in dating overall. He seems to be interested in you in a friendly way though.


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