Should I trust my feelings and never pursue any crush that I might have?

I have the worse luck when it comes to women, to the point were as soon as I develop feelings for someone I instantly know that it will never work out with that person. Been rejected at least 34 times with no luck to even getting a date. I have no confidence in myself and now I feel even more miserable since I have a crush on someone in my micro class but the semester is almost over and we only have one more day to meet up as a class. I figured that it was dead from the start. I'm 22 now and so far the only thing i'm guilty of is just trying to get to know the person, can't even get to that point. What should I do?


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  • Your first step is to gain your confidence before that final class. It's a now or never. There is nothing wrong with the rejections. The less confident you are is probably the higher you don't get what you want. Learn from those rejections. Just try to be confident.

    If she is by herself and you are near her just say hi or give her a small smile and she might take notice of you. Either it works out or not I hope you have some form of communication with her.

    Sometimes we think No one likes us but you probably don't notice the girl who might like you

    • It's not much bUT she used to sit at the front row of the class but earlier we sat across from each other in the library at a distance. We sort of peaked at each other every now and then before class started. When class did start she sat two seats away from me in my row.

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  • Have you tried online dating?

    • That's 10x worse. Used 10 different websites and went through nearly 400 girls in 3 months with no responses.

    • You should keep trying anyway, ask your friend to set you up on a blind date with his girlfriend's friend or something. You're only 22, there's bound to be someone who will think you're really cute, you'll find them eventually.

  • Skatter the ashes on a day when there's a rainbow


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