Would it be bad to like your crush that didn't like you back from many years ago?

Like in 6th grade I liked this guy. Then in 7th grade he said he didn't like me. Now sophomore year I started liking him again. He doesn't seem like a jerk anymore he seems more nicer and helpful to me. In freshman year he helped me with my science homework and he came and talked to me and asked about my artwork. And he always says hi to me whenever we passed by. Now it's sophomore year he still says hi whenever we past by. Should I like him or not?


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  • ugh... I have this problem too. You can't really control who you like or not. I try to avoid my friend/crush but it doesn't work cause my friend is always looking for me. Hurts when she is pursuing other men. So I asked our mutual friends about asking her out. Sometimes it helps with the situation cause they can guide you in the best way. Good luck

  • I would say that could be bad.


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