Who is Mr. G@G🎩🌹🌹🌹🌹(you know the bachelor)?

Who do you think would be Mr. GAG? You know people you see as GAG stars! @Rocky96 You should help me count the vote at the end of the week please!
@Maxemeister thanks for the idea! hahah
@Rocky96 help me do the counting? i don't know how to start?


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  • Woww SURE!! You did it first, actually I was going to ask the same later.
    "All the best!!"you'll earn a lot of popularity by this question.
    Later we'll decide together n declare the result.
    Write in a list all the names come to you.
    Who is voted more is Mr. G@G, Okay :) :)
    I hope you're going to be Miss G@G here :) :)

    • haha you really like me don't you! (: I don't stand a chance hahah!

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    • hahah why? haha

    • Counting has started, you're leading :)

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