Where should I look for a girlfriend?

It used to be easy to find a girl at school but my life isn't school anymore. I work in a factory during strange hours and weekends sometimes. I'm interested in a longterm relationship and starting a family in a few years. I've had girls ask me out but it's always during working hours. I'm free weekday morning and some weekends. Most girls look at me and assume I'm a player. How do I find a nice girl?


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  • It might not hurt to try OkCupid or another online dating site. Otherwise, what kinds of things are you interested in? Do you have any hobbies outside of work? It's always good to look for someone who likes the same things you do. So if you like animals and started volunteering at an animal shelter, you very well could meet a girl who decided she'd volunteer there too because she also likes animals. Or if you enjoy traveling and take a tour somewhere, you have a chance of finding someone also on the tour and single, or at the least someone in the country itself.

    • This is solid advice here.

    • I've always worked for my parents so business and labour work have been a part of my life forever. I've noticed girls don't really go for guys who just work. I like history, and exercising but no time in the past year. I've had no luck online either. I always chat with girls from other countries and they talk about coming to my country or me to theirs... but it's not easy to do right now. Thanks for this. Really helpful

    • I personally can vouch for Okcupid, since I found my life partner on there.

      Best tips: fill out a lot of the questionnaires so people get a good sense of who you are. Make a descriptive profile. Post a modest picture (nothing sleazy looking). I'm sure you'll get a lot of attention, so make sure you write at the top of your profile that you are only interested in people that are looking for a long term relationship. Otherwise there will be a lot of people looking for "hook ups" or nothing serious.

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  • Maybe on this site.


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