Will she break up with me?


I had two experiences with girls I dated (sex included) that they sent me a Facebook Friend request just before giving me face-to-face or texting: "It won't work. Sorry".

Maybe I'm paranoid but several days before (after 2 months dating and some days with "don't know where this is going") I got from my actual date a FB friend request. Up to this date no break-up message. :)

Is this really a girl-thing like: "I'll break with him but keep a channel open" or I'm just paranoid?

Thanks guys for your answers
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The good one: I don't need a shrink. I think you can guess the bad one :))


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  • Yep, you're actually getting dumped. Sorry.

    • Yes it seems to be like this. But why the Facebook? Why does she want to be now friends on facebook?

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