How does a guy act around a girl he's interested in but doesn't want a relationship?

Let's say you're interested in girl but you're scared of feelings but you've been talking to a girl for a while. Nothing steady but you hang out with her occasionally and talk at least more than 4 times a week. How would you act? Asking this because I'm kind of in this situation with a guy. We've been texting/snapchatting for a while now and we'be hung out quite a few times but only a couple times alone. We never have a problem talking about anything and he acts kinda nervous around me. We hooked up and I figured he would hit and quit and after the first time we didn't talk near as much but then we started talking back again a lot. He favorites my tweets all the time. Like I tweeted how I wanted something real and he favorited that. I never blow up his phone or anything like that and don't act clingy but I like him and I don't know what's on his mind. Im trying to play it cool but I can't tell his intentions.


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  • he is not ready yet


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