Does my crush like my best friend?

My best friend and the guy I like, Greg, both have first period study hall. They always talk with their group of friends. Just this weekend he snapchatted her and they were talking about work, what shows and movies they watch on Netflix, music they like, and drawing (which both of them really like to do). He has been snapchatting her for 2 days straight. She knows I like Greg and Greg also knows she has a thing with another guy. Greg also knows I like him, I've hinted it to him in the past. She says they they are snapchatting and it's not flirty, but by the sounds of it, it is. So my friend stole my phone took a picture of me covering my face, typed out "hey" and sent it to him using snapchat. He opening it the next morning and never answered back. Greg also hasn't snapchatted my best friend since then. What do you think? I feel like he likes her and then once I snapchatted, he realized that he didn't want to answer back. But he also knew that if he answered my best friend, he would also have to answer me. Since he didn't want to answer me he just didn't answer anyone, and still hasn't. That's my theory anyway. Also, this will be the 3rd boy that I have liked who ends up liking her. So yeah, fun right? :)


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  • He's into you!


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