How do I respond to the question Why do you like me so much?

I'm not experienced at dating I've had my hookups and flings but at 22 I've got in my first legitimate relationship. She asked me directly "why do you like me so much"and I said" I just do I can't explain it"


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  • Just say in words how she makes you feel and then say it to her. Be honest with her, even if it sounds cheesy.

    • Its weird when she asked I just hugged her and couldn't say it in words. I froze up lol.

    • You initiate it next time, say it out of nowhere. Or mess with her and say... Look I have to tell you something and just let it out.

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  • You can tell her that you like her because she's beautiful and seem like the woman you would like to get to know.
    There is no way to tell why you like her because you have to get to know her. There could be some things you dislike about her as well.
    Tell her you hoping for things to go good and stay good then, you will be able to tell her the things you like about her when you get to know her.


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