How to approach this beautiful girl who is a cashier?

There's this beautiful girl, she works as a cashier for a local grocery store. I would like to eventually get her number and a date. Then from there who knows. But to even get to those points I need to get her number. We have barely spoken, we are both around the age of 18. She seems kind of shy but also so am I. How do you think I should approach her and get her number?


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  • Be nice to her lol. As a cashier she is around many people a day right? So that means she knows how to interact with people. Ask her what days she works and just ask for her number! Don't be shy or scared just do it. good luck!

    • Can we plan this out lol? I feel like if I just ask for her number she will be like "who is this person?" We've barely talked. What should I do to initiate the convo to get the number? :)

    • Yea sure :) Sorry i didn't reply lol. Anyways... Just call her beautiful or something.. don't be creepy but it will probably make her day :)

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  • Ask for her number by asking for her number. But start a conversation first. And be buying something. Make her laugh if that's your strong suit.

    I used to work at a grocery store at the front end (courtesy clerk) and trust me, she probably gets flirted with every god damn day. You'll have to really stand out. Good luck.

    • Way to set the bar high haha.

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    • Ya that was what I was thinking. Last time there was a male co-worker bagging near her. Will have to ask her when their not around haha.

    • Your best bet is to start working there.

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  • As a girl who has worked as a cashier she may get hit on by a few guys on a regular basis. I would just say be friendly, compliment her ask how her day is going and maybe suggest that you'd like to spend time with her when she's not working. If you haven't yet had a conversation I would work up to it each time you see her, that way it's more comfortable.


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