Why do I feel so bad?

I'm 18 and i've never had a boyfriend. I am not desperate at all, but we all have our moments when we want to be loved my someone else besides our friends and family.
Most of my girlfriends have boyfriends and they all tell me exciting stories about their time spent together and I am truly happy for them, but i can't help but feel sad. While they live their lives, I study japanese, math or watch a stupid romance movie because even that is more interesting than my life.
For a while i thought it was because of the way I look that guys don't approach me, but that is not the case.
It is gross when old men stare at me. And now a guy likes me, but I am so embarrased because he is stupid. I mean really rude, uneducated and stupid (i am sorry, but I am not being mean). It seems like the right guys never like me.

As for me.. I am a bit shy, but once one gets to know me, I become myself.
Also, i am not a girly girl and that puts me in the friendzone quite often. What can I say.. I am real and genuine and kind of too independent sometimes mabye (I am not a crazy feminist by the way. I support equality though). And i have dreams and goals way above my being and maybe that impedes me from finding someone..

Thank you for reading this novel:)


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  • sounds like me alright. i ve had a lot of ups and downs, however the ups stay way longer. i think its just a phase/state of mind. i dont really have an advice tho, but im eager to read one too :)


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