How do I get myself out of this situation?

*Warning this is gonna be a long story*
So, anyway I used to date this guy let's call him Jay. So Jay and I were great most of the time except we fought a lot mainly because he is bipolar. So, one day Jay asked to meet some of my friends and I agreed because he was my boyfriend at the time. So, he met my best friend and it was blatantly obvious he liked talking to her... almost a bit too much. So one day he hits on her. And since my bestfriend, lets call her Jasmine, since Jasmine is my best friend she told me. Well me and Jay got into a huge argument over this because he said he was just kidding and was testing our friendship, so I let it go. But one day we got into a horrible argument and he called me a not so nice word and I left, but Jasmine was talking to him behind my back and now he wants her. And when I talked to Jasmine she kind of blew me off saying "We're just friends." I have no idea what to do.


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  • I don't think anything good will come out of that situation. The fact that he clearly links with her, and she might just be a shoulder to cry on, and the bipolar thing (was he really diagnosed? if not, he might just be an asshole).
    Her beying a shoulder to cry on can easily turn into something else if they link so well


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  • first of all, if i were you i would point out that the fact that your friend did such a thing behind your back was extremely shallow and stupid. secondly, dump your boyfriend. if loyalty isn't playing a role in a relationship then it will never last. loyalty and trust go hand in hand and he clearly respects neither.


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