Confused on his actions? Does he like me or what is going on?

Been talking with this guy. Its a weird situation. He started hitting one me awhile ago, sent me flowers and said all this stuff to me like ill be girlfriend etc etc. I went to visit he treated me like his girlfriend the whole week i was there. (I helped my freind move in with him. thats why i was there). Anyway he treated me amazing everywhere we went holding hands, kissing etc. My time to go home came and i asked about us. Something I never really had the courage to ask. He said he wasn't ready for anything yet. I have heard in the past he was cheated on and doesn't trust, and is into the hooking up part no relationships as of now. Like why treat me like your girlfriend and do all that all week? I know he likes or liked me. He told my freind he was into me so maybe his insecurities holding him back. Anyway we both also live in different states right now. We have been talking since i got hom like all the timeand its been good. I sent some gifts to him and he sent me stuff i left and said he missed me on some occassions. I was there in August and we still talking. I know however he is hooking up with this girl from work, but not a relationship. I see it on fb but my freind said she's not wifey material like i am. Anyway they both came back for Thanksgiving break, We have been talking since he got here all weekend. We all were suppose to go out last night but it was kind of late for him so he didn't come. He told my freind he wanted to see me before he flew home, and told me he was going to surprise me there but it was too late. My freinds including the one who lives with him asked me what it was between us if we had a love thing going on. I said I don't know we talk and stuff. My freind thought it was weird because he wanted to surprise me and all that but still told me not into relationship type yet. Kind of confused with him. Really like him not waiting around but if something happens then i would be very happy. Do you think he likes me? wants to be with me? maybe his own insecurities holding back?


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  • He very well could like you!


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