HELP!!! How can I make this guy I'm seeing realize that he should make it official between us or else I'm going to hangout withanyone guysincluded?


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  • Don't make him realize. Go up to him and talk about it.

    • I can't talk to him about it, can't I subtlety hint at it

    • HEY! Don't say "I can't" that makes a military guy so pissed off. Go up to him and tell him, don't hint at it or nothing. Be honest and real, he will like that.

    • No honestly gets me nowhere because he's the type of guy who likes to take it slow but he's taking it too slow lol

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  • Talk to him about it. That's the easiest way and the least likely to ruin your relationship.

    • I can't

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    • Definitely not a side chick because he tells me he sees me most out of anyone

    • I'm glad you have open communication and trust. That's a good sign for a healthy relationship.

      Anyway, is he seeing others romantically?

      I ultimately think you just need to talk to him again and base decisions on how he responds to your emotional needs for more from this relationship. Being official seems so straightforward to me, but then... I'm another woman.

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